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animal video gallery

december 1, 2020, ongoing (passed)

In December 1, 2020, there will be no more videos being updated or new ones in the gallery.

december 13, 2020, ongoing (passed)

In December 13, 2020, we will hide the Animal Video Gallery due to the articles already having their own videos about animals. And by putting videos for the gallery and the articles the same time, it wastes time. You still can find the gallery though the Search option.

january 1, 2021, ongoing (Passed)

In January 1, 2021, we will officially discontinue the Animal Video Gallery. This means that you will not be able to even find it in the Search option and that the videos are going to be deleted along with the gallery.

Since these events are happening, there will not be any help available for the Animal Video Gallery.

If you are looking for help, look in the manual (the manual will not be updated anymore)

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